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It’s very important to follow Dr. Ben Neibaur’s instructions when you’re aligning your teeth with braces. This is because it helps you have a successful orthodontic journey and it can even help you get your braces off faster. You never know! One instruction your orthodontist gives is to have a braces-friendly diet.

One reason why he instructs this is because it helps you maintain an effective and fully functional appliance. This is vital in order to have the smile of your dreams. If you have a diet that’s damaging to your appliance, the foods could break or loosen the brackets, bend and break the wires, and cause other damage. If your braces are broken or even worn down, they are not effective. So, please remember to have a braces-healthy diet when you align your teeth so you can have an effective orthodontic journey.

Another reason why your orthodontist instructs this is because it helps you have a strong and healthy smile. If you eat foods that are harmful for your teeth and appliance, then there is a chance you can fall victim to cavities, periodontal (gum) disease, and weak tooth enamel. This can complicate the orthodontic process in many ways.

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