After your child’s initial consultation with Dr. Ben Neibaur, we will be able to create a treatment plan to help your child achieve a straight, beautiful smile and a healthy mouth. Early orthodontic treatment may require what is known as a “two-phase treatment” to produce the most benefits for your child. We invite you to call Neibaur Family Orthodontics at (801) 341-2191 to learn more about two-phase treatment in Draper, Sandy, and Kamas, Utah, and to make your child’s next appointment with our gentle orthodontist.

Two-phase orthodontic treatment consists of two stages, separated by a brief resting period. If your child needs early orthodontic care, please do not postpone beginning his or her two-phase treatment, as this can cause the problem to worsen and result in the need for a more invasive treatment later on.

Phase One treatment includes:

  • Detecting and correct problems that are beginning to develop
  • Fixing potentially harmful oral habits
  • Ensuring proper chewing and biting functions
  • Guiding the jawbone into the correct position so that the upper and lower jaws fit together correctly
  • Helping the jawbone develop properly to accommodate all the permanent teeth, and to ensure that all the teeth come in correctly and have a better alignment

This phase of treatment will be followed by a rest period. During the resting period, the teeth will be left to erupt and develop on their own. Our orthodontist will monitor your child’s teeth to ensure that all is proceeding as planned.

Phase Two treatment focuses on the permanent teeth, and it general occurs during the teenage years. It includes:

  • Moving the permanent teeth into the correct positions (often through the use of braces or other appliances)
  • Making sure that the permanent teeth do not shift out of position following treatment (usually with retainers)

For more information on two-phase treatment, and to schedule your child’s appointment with our orthodontist, please contact our practice today.