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Do you feel like your teeth don’t fit together well? Does it sometimes seem like you are the only one with misaligned teeth in a world of straight smiles? Did you know that one in five people could actually have some form of malocclusion in their mouth?

A malocclusion is when the teeth in the mouth do not line up for a proper bite, which is needed for an effective bite and to help distribute your bite force equally over all of your teeth. If the strength of your bite isn’t equally distributed, you could wind up with a broken tooth. Malocclusions can include an overbite, under bite or a cross bite, all of which may require an orthodontist for treatment.

Three categories of malocclusions are:
-Class I: the teeth in this category could have gaps in between them, are crowded or rotated and the upper and lower jaws do not come together properly.
-Class II: the most common category of malocclusion. The teeth in the lower jaw are set too far back resulting in an overbite.
-Class III: where the lower jaw juts out causing an under bite. If it is not treated, this malocclusion could lead to damaged teeth, difficulty chewing or speaking and could develop into problems with the temporomandibular joint (TMJ).

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