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Early Prevention

Early Orthodontic Treatment is Best!

Today orthodontic treatment can be started earlier than it ever could be before. What this means for you and your child is that treatment can now occur before major problems have the chance to take root.

As per the recommendation of the American Association of Orthodontics, your child should receive their first orthodontic screening by the time they are seven. This is when orthodontic problems will begin to manifest themselves. During this time period, it will be easier to assess whether orthodontic treatment will now be needed, or if it will be necessary at some point in the future. Getting an early start on the orthodontic process will help stop advanced problems from occurring. Orthodontic steps can here be taken that can either make the process of braces easier, or even prevent the need for braces entirely. Some of the benefits of early orthodontic treatment include:

  • Early orthodontic treatment has the potential to prevent more invasive, expensive, and time consuming treatments later in life.
  • Increased confidence from a young age, rather than needing orthodontic treatment throughout the later teen years and possibly into adulthood, this gives children the chance to enjoy their perfect smile from a younger age.
  • For children who have an extreme overbite, the protruding teeth can more easily be damaged through environmental factors. Take care of this before damage can be done through sports or other activities.
  • Your child’s jaw is still growing to accommodate the teeth. Early orthodontic work can better guide this growth to make room for emerging teeth.

These early treatments cannot be accomplished without an early orthodontic evaluation. At Neibaur Orthodontics, we understand how important good oral health is, and the steps necessary to achieve it. Regardless of if orthodontic treatment is needed or not, Dr. Ben will help put your mind at ease, ensuring your child’s teeth will be healthy.


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