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Teen Braces in Murray, UT

Orthodontic Treatment for Teenagers

There are a number of reasons the teenage years are the ideal time for braces, whether this is phase two of two-phase treatment or the first time braces are worn. During this time adolescents are going through many changes, and their oral health is no different. Since the teeth and jaw line are still going through dental changes, these common problems are easier to fix. Most kids will have lost all their baby teeth by the time they reach their early teen years, replacing them instead with permanent ones.

The new emergence of these teeth and the problems they may carry need to be addressed immediately. The longer treatment is delayed, the harder these problems become to fix. Some of the advantages that come with adolescent orthodontics include:

  • Many others within your peer group will also be wearing braces
  • Once adulthood is reached, the jaw bones have been fully developed, making many fixes not only more difficult, but more expensive as well
  • As you get older, the orthodontic problems you have won’t go away, they only have the potential to get worse
  • A great smile will help give your teen the confidence boost they need at this critical stage of their development

Dr. Ben and his staff have established a clean and fun environment for teens to take advantage of the best orthodontic care. We provide you with a number of different options to go alongside your treatment from Invisalign to ceramic braces. Feel confident in the lifetime investment of your teeth with the help of Neibaur Orthodontics. From our family to yours we guarantee we will make you smile at every visit.


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