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Two-Phase Treatment

What is Two-Phase Orthodontic Treatment?

Once you have brought your child in for an orthodontic consultation, Dr. Ben will be able to determine whether or not braces will be needed. This early orthodontic care may require a two-phase approach with the first stage starting immediately on the primary teeth. After this first stage is complete, there will be some time before the second stage can commence.

The first phase is known as early treatment. Some of the primary events that will happen during this stage include:

  • Detecting and intercepting problems that have only just begun to develop
  • Fixing oral habits that could be potentially harmful
  • Ensuring proper chewing and biting from an early age
  • Lead the jaw bone into the correct position, helping the teeth come in straight as the jaw is properly aligned
  • Some of the potential damage to protruding front teeth over your child’s early development can be avoided by aligning them properly

Once the first phase has been completed, there will be a rest period before the second and final phase can commence. This process will include:

  • A focus on the permanent teeth rather than the primary teeth
  • These permanent teeth will be moved into their desired positions
  • Improve on the natural beauty of your smile
  • Improve your confidence

When these treatments occur alongside your child’s natural growth, the perfect smile results. At Neibaur Family Orthodontics we will work to treat problems early that otherwise would have required more invasive treatments later in life. Through an early orthodontic evaluation, the two-phase treatment can be completed before advanced dental problems have the chance to take root, ensuring a healthier smile.


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